Did you know there is a trend in some schools of architecture towards really small home and many call them Minimalist Homes?  Now I don’t know if this will really catch on but people are doing it as part of leaving a smaller carbon footprint.  To build a home like this you need to cut fewer trees and less of everything also as you can image you cannot put as much furniture in it so it requires fewer products to build the furniture. Also less heat, light, flooring ect. So I guess when you put it all together it would be a much smaller food print.; also less manufacturing and less shipping.

But can people really live this way and could you have a family and live this way. Here are some homes that I found on



A cute cottage we can all agree but with only one bedroom and 356 square feet how long can you live there. If you want to this I highly recommend this site because they have it all.



I guess if you really think about it though it is no smaller that a trailer and 1 person could easily live in a small trailer. So you just have to find a piece of land and buy the plans and start building. If you have a few friends help it could not take that long and they even have homes on wheels.

Maybe you could drive across country and instead of pulling a trailer or setting up a tent you could sleep in this home. I guess there is some type of small generator that you could take with you to power the home.



Well I am glad that I wrote this article because the more I look at this site and think about this concept the more I like it for a fun idea to do for a little while. And if I was younger and just getting started why not do live like this instead of renting.

So maybe I’ll be writing soon about my life as a minimalist.